1. Who Gets the Pets in a Divorce?

    For most pet owners, family pets are more than just animals. They are members of the family. This issue can become a problem when spouses decide to divorce. Who gets to keep the family pet? How are pets treated in a divorce in the State of Colorado? Pets Are Personal Property The term property can b…Read More

  2. 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Divorce

    Going through a divorce can be a complicated and stressful time. Many couples rely upon the bad or misplaced advice of others and make mistakes or bad decisions that could completely derail their goal in the divorce. What are some of these common mistakes? 1. Relying Upon the Advice of Others Everyo…Read More

  3. How To Find The Right Divorce Attorney

    Going through a divorce can be one of the hardest events in a person’s life. It is emotional, stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. Not having the right attorney at a client’s side can make the process even harder. Therefore, it is extremely important that a client find the right attorney fo…Read More