1. Is Sole Decision-Making a Possibility in Colorado Custody Cases?

    Decisions regarding who gets to take care of the children in a divorce or custody battle are never easy ones. These decisions involve who will be making major decisions for the children, as well as where the children will live. While Colorado courts prefer that both parents be actively involved, som…Read More

  2. Understanding Grandparents’ Rights in Colorado

    Grandparents are often very involved in the lives of their grandchildren, but that can suddenly change when a divorce or separation occurs. Many times, grandparents suddenly find themselves shut out of the lives of their grandchildren and are unsure of what rights they have to maintain that connecti…Read More

  3. 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Divorce

    Going through a divorce can be a complicated and stressful time. Many couples rely upon the bad or misplaced advice of others and make mistakes or bad decisions that could completely derail their goal in the divorce. What are some of these common mistakes? 1. Relying Upon the Advice of Others Everyo…Read More

  4. Domestic Violence and Divorce

    Divorce can be an emotional process for anyone involved, but adding the elements of domestic violence in the relationship can heighten these emotions even more. Past and current domestic violence in the relationship can play a significant part in the divorce process, especially if children are invol…Read More

  5. Understanding Spousal Support In Colorado

    A dissolution can result in many different orders, including property division, parenting time, child support, as well as spousal support. In fact, in the State of Colorado, in legal separation and dissolution cases, Colorado courts have the authority to order one spouse alimony, more commonly known…Read More

  6. Is Mediation Right For My Divorce?

    Divorce is a stressful and often antagonistic process. If parties have come to the point where they are wanting to end their relationship, it is safe to say that they may not be getting along. Many people believe that divorce is going to end up in a lengthy court proceeding, but that does not have t…Read More

  7. Divorce: 9 Parts Of The Colorado Dissolution Process

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  8. How To Find The Right Divorce Attorney

    Going through a divorce can be one of the hardest events in a person’s life. It is emotional, stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. Not having the right attorney at a client’s side can make the process even harder. Therefore, it is extremely important that a client find the right attorney fo…Read More