The Law Offices of Kelli J. Malcolm serves families and individuals in Douglas County, helping them successfully navigate the unfamiliar terrain of the legal system. We work primarily in divorce and child custody cases, though our specialties are certainly diversified and applicable to a wide range of situations.

If you are currently undergoing the process of legal separation and/or divorce, Kelli J. Malcolm and her team of family lawyers are here to aid and assist you. Please contact us today for a free consultation, or read more about our areas of specialty below.

Family Practice in Douglas County

Family Practice in Douglas County

The legal system is broad and encompasses a wide spectrum of complex issues and cases. At the Law Offices of Kelli J. Malcolm, our team of experienced attorneys and legal advisors serve Douglas County families with a varied selection of services. We specialize and pride ourselves on our expertise in issues of family matters, child custody, and more.

Our practice areas primarily include, but are not necessarily limited to: allocation of parental responsibilities, child relocation solutions, grandparent rights in Colorado, dependency and neglect cases, divorce and legal separation, family violence and protection orders, and spousal maintenance.
For a more comprehensive look at each of these services and how our expertise can best suit your needs, please visit our individual Practice Area pages or simply call us now for a free consultation.

Family Practice in Douglas County

Family issues are never easy, but when they become unmanageable, it may be necessary to involve the professional aid of an attorney. Whether it’s a dispute between two spouses or an issue with child custody, the assistance of a family practice lawyer can simplify the process and minimize harm to those involved.

If you decide to work with a divorce attorney in Douglas County, there are certain elements of the Colorado legal system that you will need to understand. We’ve done our best to summarize them here, but obviously, divorce and legal separation are very complex cases, so if you need further information, please reach out to us.

The process of divorce will look different for every pair of spouses. If you have children, you’ll need to consider a different course of action than a childless couple. Furthermore, Colorado is what’s known as a no-fault state; spouses may only seek out dissolution of marriage if the union is deemed “irretrievably broken.” If one partner contests the motion to initiate divorce, the filing partner will need to prove the necessity of dissolution by presenting a preponderance of evidence. In some cases, even after evidence is heard, the court may refuse the motion for dissolution and merely order the couples to undergo marital counseling before court proceedings continue any further. Following initial motions for divorce, the distribution and allocation of marital property will be negotiated, followed by spousal maintenance (alimony), if applicable.

If you are a family or an individual in the Douglas County area seeking legal representation in Colorado for marital or domestic issues, please reach out to us today. The Law Offices of Kelli J. Malcolm are here to help you get the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

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