When a child is born, most states recognize this blessed event as something that occurs between the mother and the father of the child. All states’ family court systems have hundreds of laws and provisions that guide the responsibility to the child and the rights of the mother, father, and the child. In any birth or child-raising situation, there are a variety of issues and circumstances that may arise that give warrant to the long list of laws and regulations.

However, most states fail to account for the rest of the family in the child’s life. Colorado, on the other hand, recognizes the importance of grandparents in a child’s life and that the bond between a grandparent and their grandchild can be almost as strong — and in some cases, stronger — than a parent to child. In recent years, Colorado law has extended grandparent rights to allow grandparents to facilitate a relationship with their grandchild, regardless of the child’s parent’s relationship with each other or with the grandparent of the child.

At the Law Offices of Kelli J. Malcolm, we understand the incredibly strong, and unique bond that grandparents and children can have. Even though difficult situations, we are here to defend your right to have a relationship with your grandchild.

In the Best Interest of the Child

All of Colorado family laws are focused around providing the best circumstances for a child to support their best interests. More often than not, the child’s best interest includes the involvement of family members beyond the nuclear household.

Common situations that would necessitate the need for grandparents to invoke their rights and request visitation include:

  • The grandchild’s parents have divorced, separated, or had their marriage annulled and are living as two distinct families.
  • Custody of the grandchild has been awarded to someone other than the parents of the child, or to the parent that is not the child of the grandparents.
  • A parent of the child is deceased and the survivor does not facilitate or recognize a relationship.

Situations that may warrant grandparents filing for custody rights include:

  • The grandparents have provided most of the physical care for the child and would like to request legal responsibility/ guardianship.
  • The child has been removed from the parent’s home by law enforcement or child protective services. In many cases, grandparents are the preferred custodian over foster placement.

If you are experiencing issues visiting your grandchild or believe that you obtaining custody of your grandchild is in their best interest, seek the expert legal advice of a Colorado family lawyer you can count on. At the Law Offices of Kelli J. Malcolm, our dedicated legal team always seeks to defend the best interest of the child and to protect the integrity of the family. Contact us for your consultation today!