The Law Offices of Kelli J. Malcolm is proud to offer the families of Jefferson County and the surrounding west Denver including Lakewood, Arvada, and Golden, compassionate family legal services. When you and your family are facing legal domestic issues, you need a legal team you can count on. Kelli J. Malcolm and her team are experienced and ready to help you navigate your divorce and child custody cases. When you schedule your complimentary consultation, you’ll be welcomed into a faith-based environment by a legal team that’s ready to fight for the best interests of your children while protecting the integrity of your family.

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Jefferson County

The Colorado family legal system is incredibly complex and difficult for most people to navigate on their own, especially in highly emotional situations such as divorce, domestic violence, and child custody. Our practice was built on the pillars of dignity and compassion and thrives on creating the best possible outcomes for families facing difficult situations. While we specialize in dissolution of marriage and allocation of parental responsibilities, we can assist you with all issues of family law, including (but certainly not limited to):


“Kelli was amazing to work with. She had my best interest at heart the whole time. I would strongly recommend her to anyone in need of any kind of family law advice or representation.” ~ Zachariah K.


“Kelli was amazing to work with. She had my best interest at heart the whole time. I would strongly recommend her to anyone in need of any kind of family law advice or representation.” ~ Zachariah K.

Jefferson County

Family is a complex system of relationships tethered together by blood, emotion, obligation, and love. When something is amiss, the ripple effect can cause overwhelming tidal waves. At the Law Offices of Kelli J. Malcolm, we understand how devastating divorce can be and the unique intricacies of each family’s relationships. We can help you with understanding grandparent and stepparent rights, same-sex and common law marriages, legal seperation, mediation, domestic violence and protective orders, and so much more.

When you are looking for a family attorney in Golden, you want to find someone who not only knows the law, has a respected court presence, and is affordable, but someone who looks out for you and your family and does what it takes to negotiate the best outcomes for all involved. Kelli Malcolm and her team are able to help you manage the momentous life changes while keeping your case on course and setting aside judgment and emotions to ensure the future will be brighter for you and your children.

We know that divorce is tough, and we are here to help you through it.

If you or a family you know in Jefferson County or the surrounding greater Denver area is experiencing a domestic dispute that requires legal intervention, reach out to the Law Offices of Kelli J. Malcolm for the support and legal representation you deserve.

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