Family lawyers help resolve matters that affect families including divorce, child custody and child support, protection orders and domestic violence issues, and wills and trusts. At some point in your life, it is likely you will need the support and counsel of a family attorney you can trust.

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  1. Understanding Godparent Rights Under the Law

    Blessing a child with godparents, and likewise, eager grandparents with a child, has been a tradition etched in Christian-based societies since as early as the 2nd Century. Godparents are selected by the parents of the child to bestow upon them the honor and privilege of stating, before God and the …Read More

  2. Understanding Stepparent Rights Under Colorado Law

    Step-parenting is a voluntary commitment taken on by a spouse who marries a spouse who already has children. With the rates of unwed mothers giving birth to children and divorce and remarriage rates at an all-time high, step-parenting is much more common in modern society. Marriage, divorce, and chi…Read More

  3. Facts About Common Law Marriage

    When cohabitating, there is a lot to think about related to common law marriage. It is important because a common law marriage can have great effects on someone’s property interests, the right to receive maintenance, and more. There are certain standards or criteria for determining whether a commo…Read More

  4. 4 Quick Questions To Ask When Seeking A Lawyer

    It is easy to say to yourself that you need to hire an attorney but how do you know you are selecting the right attorney who has your best interests at heart? Here is a quick run down of things to consider: 1. Ask About Their Strategy What will be their plan be for your case? How long they think it …Read More